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  1. When Rebecca nurse says this it gives Mr Hale an ominous feel, so straight away you feel as if he is a bad person or maybe even evil or wicked because the fact that someone just fears his entrance is worrying.

controlled assesment

Love and hate can be shown in various ways throughout poems like Robert Browning’s and the William Shakespeare. In my opinion, I believe that Robert Browning and William Shakespeare present love and hate similarly. They both show love and who how it can be affected so easily by hate in one way. To back up my argument I will show quotes from the Robert Browning poems and the Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar which is written by Shakespeare is a play that is known by many that showed us how mutual relationships can ruin a leadership. Brutus was always cared for by Caesar and Brutus always saw Caesar. Caesar was spitefully slayed by the conspirators fairly early on in the play. He was murdered because of his ambitions but for the love of Rome as said by Brutus in his colloquies. The conspirators were worried that Caesar was going to become too powerful and use the citizens as dolls as he sits in the rafters controlling them. We know this from Brutus’s colloquies after he killed him in Act 3 Scene 2. Brutus stated ‘had you rather Caesar were living, and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all freemen?’ This quote portrays his love for Rome to the readers and the people of Rome. However we also know that part of Brutus did love him but his love for Rome overshadowed his love for Caesar and Brutus hated the way that the people of Rome were being treated which caused Brutus to make his decision.

This is the scene of Caesar death Shakespeare uses Caesar to show the final feeling of love from Brutus. ‘Et tu, Brute? – Then fall, Caesar!’ Caesar  asked Brutus this after the Conspirators struck their spiteful blows. wIf Brutus wants to deliver the final blow, then he is willing to die at his feet. From this one show of love from Brutus, we can observe his love for Rome and Caesar but also the hatred of his ambition and ideologies. This is why I believe that Shakespeare uses just one way to show how love can be affected by hate.

In my opinion,Browning’s writings show love and hate in a similar way to Shakespeare.‘Porphyria’s Lover’ is a poem that shows a mixture of combined emotions, including love and hate. The poem is set in a mysterious but little house near a small body of water. A man was resting in his chair when the most beautiful girl named Porphyria gently stepped into the room from the chilly outdoors. She sat next to the man and was portraying her utmost love for him. We as the readers know that the man has the same amount of love as she does,however the man’s love for Porphyria was too much, he was scared that he may not be able to keep her all for himself as she was so beautiful. ‘For love of her, and all in vain.’ he decided on the place to choke her with her own locks of long hair so he could have her forever.

‘Let death be felt and the proof remain: Brand, burn up, bite into its grace— He is sure to remember her dying face ‘ Browning uses the narrator to express harsh verbs such as ‘Brand, burn up, bite into its grace’ to allow the reader to develop a vivid imagery of hate. The  verbs describe to us that she wants this horrible death, to demolish all her “grace.” Not only because she wants to hurt her, but because she wants her former lover to remember his new girlfriend’s agonised “dying face.” The connotations of the verbs are clear – they bring a sense of evilness and hate and you would expect a quite cold-hearted person to exclaim these things. These verbs used, create a vivid imagery of hate and pure evil to the audience because they connote very harsh meanings of death, and when she states to ‘bite into its grace’ it means that she wants the girlfriend’s elegance to be ravaged and poisoned. However, some may argue the fact that there is love and hate shown but there is unrequited love shown towards the narrator. This is because the narrator wants pain to be felt to her former lover by creating a poison to kill his new girlfriend, although she still loves him there is less love shown towards the narrator.

A poem also written by Browning called “A women’s last word”,In this poem Browning shows a slightly off structure from his usual poems,in this case hate leads to love instead of visa versa, in a women’s last word hate has led to love. In the poem the women is trying to turn all the hate standing in-between her counterpart to become love and grow. Their is a quote in the poem , “what so wild as words are? I and thou in debate, as birds are, Hawks on bough! See the creature stalking while we speak! Hush and hide the talking, cheek on cheek!”. The speaker is making clear to her counterpart how all their arguments and disagreements are as wild as birds are, “hawk on bough”.

All of Browning’s poetry is written about love and they are all portrayed as dramatic love ie;soliloquies, they also are just showing love from a single point of view and exploring the extremities of love and the points that it can take us to in life. In Julius Caesar love is also shown in the same way and Shakespeare shows us how when people are pressured love can become juxtaposed , turning it into a black and white  situation, where Brutus has to decide between his love of Caesar, and his love for Rome.  The language of the poem may confuse some people in this context because the subjective point of view means that that the reader or watcher realizes that love and hate are too complex to easily categorise.

In conclusion I believe that even though there is a time gap between Browning and Shakespeare both authors use a very similar way to show the themes of love and hate through the writings of poems and plays. Both authors have went into depth in order to explore the great extremes of these two emotions and the language they have use has had a large impact on the audience in a way where some sort of imagery is portrayed. Although, they both came from completely different eras and the themes of love and hate were both perceived differently due to the morality they lived by, the two authors used language and literary devices to push the boundaries of the concepts of love and hate taking us into a sphere of challenging our assumptions about these themes.



Creative writing coursework

7.30am, I seem to be here earlier then usual, as I left my house this morning I can see the leaves turning brown,autumn has begun. As I sat on the bus I stared blankly out of the window watching my Breath condensate abed it and watch droplets race down like the 100m sprint of the Olympic Games. I enjoy silence, but as the ever looming loudness of school children filling the bus came upon me I plugged my earphones in and continued looking out of the window.
Finally the end of my bus journey had arrived, I exited the bus and proceeded along the trail of a brown woodland area filling my nostrils with the scent of outdoors. As I took a breath cold air-filled my lungs which sent a shiver down my spine. I continued along my trail embracing the green and brown contrast of grass and leaf and the elderly walking their small delicate dogs dressed in novelty dogs clothing.
The campus gates, tall iron bars connect one brick wall to another which encompasses the entire school ground. The school itself is an old Victorian style building which is surrounded by the season ground or the play ground as more commonly known. I call it the season ground as when a season arrives it’s the first place I notice to change and while it’s changing specifics of each season shines through with vibrancy. During this season, autumn, the leaves start to change colour and trees start to spread their seeds, and as winter comes along you can see trees start to save nutrients and bushes start to die and this gives the garden a cold feel and brings the bite out of winter, as spring rolls through the trees and bushes start to come alive, trees begin to sprout leaves and bushes re grow and we also get the flowers blossoming and the garden looks somewhat mesmerizing.
As i entered the front door i was greeted by an older student he said “hello sir” and held a faint smile along with it, i replied with a mere nod and a smile. As i continued to walk down the corridor there was not a soul in sight, the corridors were eerily quite which caused ominous intonations to echo through out. Here we are now in my class room, and while you read this the redolent of my coffee fills the room as i stare blankly out of the window.


As a student the most challenging part of my day would probably be waking up, its a daily chore but it has to be done, i drag myself out of bed and lay on the fluffed up carpet as the cat brushes against my head. i put on my clothes and shoes and head for the door with my old cranky bike, i shout to my mum “Bye I love you” shes replies identically and i am on my way.

I always tend to get to school fairly early, around 7:30am, I don’t know what it is but I love the fresh breeze blowing on my face in the early hours of the morning, as I ride my bike my bag flaps across my back like a flag on a pole flailing in the wind. I love going fast head down, narrolly missing cars, with music shattering my ear drums while I look at the same beautiful girl walking down the high street. And then school. The big iron gates  and walls as if it’s a prison, what a horrid place, boring trees and boring shrub. I enter the building, the quite corridor only brings mischief, I make my way thorough the corridor about to draw on lockers and walls as such when I see him, grey hair with a , melencolly look on his face, I give a faint smile and added a “Hello sir” just for the irony. “Only one year left” I tell myself.


Argue piece (update)

I believe the living conditions should be tightened because the environment in which prisoners serve their sentences aren’t as controlled and disciplined as they should be. Prisoners for all counts of charges whether it be rapists or murderes get to spend their time in a comfortable environment with TVs, game consoles and a lot more. This creates an almost nice escape rather than a punishment. This has been backed up by numerous documentaries and news articles which also show prisoners even using mobile phones and smoking drugs inside their sells.

We can compare our prisons to others in the world such as America. It is well known for their legal systems and how crime is dealt with in a very direct manner. Murderers who are sent to a prison in a state in America are confined in their cell 24 hours a day and will serve 25 years to life and some can even face death row depending on circumstances. They clearly show a lot more discipline and structure compared to the ones in the UK.

While I say that Americas prison system is stricter then ours it is also seen that there is a fine line between rehabilitating and institutionalising a person, I have watched several prison documentaries where a re offender has been interviews and a main point the he brought up was the fact that when he was released he didn’t know know how to cope on the streets and in normal life because he had Been institutionalised. But in recent years institutionalisation has become a hot topic in U.S. Politics and they have began to implement rehabilitation classes where an inmate can sign up which may equal time off there sentence if done so, but then the question is posed that weather an inmate is taking a class for the actual help or the benefits that it gives.

By any means America is another scale of things a lot of people cannot begin to understand. This is because of different laws and regulations in America and it is hard to compare the both as they aren’t comparable.

However, in Britain it has been shown to light by recent developments that some british convicts will commit more crime once they are out of jail so they will be put back in. Many ex cons say prison is a comfortable environment. “3 meals a day, a bed and a place of a socialisation.” The prison system is overcrowded as it is so people who do this accumulate more and more people in the prisons

How did Shakespeare present Caesar before his assassination?

Before he is assassinated Caesar is shown as a cocky person he said in the text ‘I am as constant as the northern star’ this is a very well known star, as in the bible it is said that Mary and others followed the star, Caesar is saying that people will follow him and that he is great he also says ‘wilt thou lift up Olympus’ he is asking if anyone else will lift up Olympus other then himself, the way I see it as being said is that he is laughing as he says it, asking a very sarcastic question almost belittling anyone who he asks, he appears very egotistical and unapproachable, this is very smart as Shakespeare needs to show why they would kill him so showing him in this way gives us all a vendetta against him.

How does Shakespeare show the intentions of Brutus?

Shakespeare shows the Intentions of Brutus by allowing him to show his emotions and describe his game plans or the murder of caesar, and when it’s proposed to him the chance of murdering one of Caesars associates he turns down the deal due to the fact that he didn’t believe in the conspiracy and says ‘mark Antony, this not of him, for he can do
no more than Caesars arm when Caesars head is off’, Brutus is saying that he is just an accessory of Caesar and once Caesar is dead he is no longer a threat, he totally dismisses that chance of killing Antony because he just wants Caesar and not to kill Caesar like a savage but to as quoted ‘let us be sacrifices, but not butchers’ and also lets carve him as a dish fit for the gods.


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